My Brands

Jai Stone, ULTD 



Jai Stone Unlimited is a diverse business structure dedicated to supporting women in creating equally successful and fulfilling lives. With more than a decade of entrepreneurship under my belt, I have realized that in order to reach the personal and professional needs of women I needed multiple niche programs to reach their specific needs. Below is a list of programs powered by Jai Stone, ULTD.




Game Changers University is my flagship program designed for women business owners who want to customize their business around their lifestyle. Coaching and classes offer ways for my clients to improve their skillset and maximize their results. READ MORE HERE.




Emotional Nudity is a lifestyle brand that encourages women to choose their own path to Authentic Joy.  In most cases that path is blocked by a monumental amount of obstacles starting with the ones we have created or failed to remove ourselves.  ENL's focus is to provide motivation, support and resources for women who are ready to do be introspective, own their shit and do the hard work to repair their entire being. READ MORE HERE.




EDGE Academy is my signature programed designed to create an army of business and branding experts. If you are looking to become a business, personal or celebrity brand coach, then this program is designed for you. I have taken nearly two decades of my professional experiences and expertise and combined them into a top-notch training center. My goal is to develop a collection industry professionals that help business owners elevate and maintain their brand excellence. READ MORE HERE.