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There Was Nothing I Could Do!

There Was Nothing I Could Do!

Yesterday I had someone challenge my integrity based on an assumption. I spent considerable time and energy trying to show the gentlemen that he had the facts wrong, but it was no use…in affect he called me a liar and persisted that I was untrustworthy. I was (and still am) deeply wounded and mortified.  After all, I hold truth and integrity as 2 of my closest core values and they were both being challenged and there was nothing I could do. Now I’m not one to get too caught up in how other people view me, but this situation really shook me up.  One would think MY knowing the truth would be enough, but it wasn’t…not this time.  Finally I have decided to put this whole matter to rest and here’s why:

Lesson 1: People often DECIDE on their version of the truth without your input.
Lesson 2: Sometimes it is easier for people to believe an untruth than to admit they got the facts wrong.
Lesson 3: You can’t convert EVERYONE into fans, even when you’re the ‘good guy’.

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