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Ann Nahari (AN.) features up-scale ready-to-wear and delicate sensual plus size lingerie.   AN. ‘s founder and lead designer Sumiyyah Rasheed found me when I was a panelist at the Sista Sense Power Circle Teleconference.  She then contacted a mutual friend of ours and asked her to make a personal introduction.  When I connected with Summiyah, she was very honest about her needs and expectations.  It was important to me that she felt understood and that she know that her time and money and would be well spent.  Sumiyyah opted for my VIP Coaching Program and we got to work right away.


Ann Nahari already had a niche audience, and after a few coaching sessions I recommended that the brand niche it products as well. Sumiyyah opted to condense her product line and focus on what she does best… lingerie!  This was a pivotal and liberating moment in our coaching process.


With all the clutter and noise in the market place, it’s important to stand out.  Rather than going for the over-used “tagline” approach we opted to go for a campaign.  Sumiyyah is passionate about promoting body acceptance and it was in that vein that I coined her current “I Am Size Sexy” campaign. (see layout below)


Summiyah had worked to collect information about the buying habits of her clients.  Understanding who buys from you, how they buy and when or why they buy will make or break your sales module.  This kind of information is key!


After a thorough target market and competitive analysis I recommended some minor changes to the look and feel of the brand. I worked with the Ann Nahari web designer to create a more modern and upscale look that is more reflective of the clothing design. (see below)


Summiyah had a very clear understanding of all the ins and outs of her industry. As a veteran designer and distributor, she had all her finger on the pulse of the community and all her resources in order. The client’s knowledge base offered us the perfect opportunity to position herself as an expert.  I was able to help her package  some content she already had in place.


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