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5 Principles To Build Smarter Relationships With Other Women

5 Principles To Build Smarter Relationships With Other Women

5 Principles To Build Smarter Relationships With Other Women

Before I jump knee deep into a passionate post, I just wanted to say that this particular post is full of fabulous giveaways from the folks over a Hyundai, so make sure you make it to the end to claim your goodies! Now on the the point of this post.

My entire life, I’ve heard women say derogatory things about each other.  “I don’t trust women”, “I don’t get along with other women” or “women just don’t like me”.  I’ve always been puzzled by that because other women have always been my greatest source of support and understanding.  From where I sit, there is NOTHING quite like sisterhood and bonding with women that share your ideals, insights and goals.

I’m blessed to have a personal and professional network of amazing women, many have been in my life for decades. I won’t pretend that I have gotten along with every woman that I’ve ever met, quite frankly some people just aren’t my cup of tea.  And yes, I have walked away from friendships that no longer served me.  But for the most part I have built some awesome relationships with other women that have spanned decades based on 5 basic principles… here they are.

1. Be Freaking Honest

Honesty is sometimes brutal and other times liberating, but one thing I’m certain of is that it’s necessary to build a strong foundation for a relationship.  If your friendship can’t tolerate the truth, then it might be time to re-evaluate it.  Here’s a piece of honesty tho, sometimes total honesty has to be accompanied with things like timing and compassion. I measure my honesty by necessity.  If it doesn’t NEED to be said, then I zip my lips.

2. Don’t Do Dumb Sh*t

Let me define the word “dumb”.  It means not doing things that are dishonest, disloyal, disrespectful, self-serving  or inconsiderate. PERIOD!

3. Claim Your Own Baggage

Stop making other people totally responsible for how you feel. Sometimes (many times) when people make us “feel” a certain way it speaks to our history. Painful things are often associated with baggage.  Sometimes when we are hurt, we need to do more soul-searching than blaming.

4.  Be Respectful (even when you’re angry)

No relationship can withstand disrespect. I know plenty of people that make the excuse of “I was angry”… welp, that’s not an excuse for loose lips and verbal attacks. That kind of damage lingers and often remains irreparable.  Keep a respectful tone to your words and behavior.


Life is far too short to be in a tizzy all the time. I would venture to say that more than 65% of the time I spend with friends is all about good fun. No matter what you are going through in life, finding time to laugh and celebrate just simply puts the cherry on the sundae of your life.


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