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If Thanks Were Enough: A Letter To My Fans

Dear Nudie Patooties: If THANKS were enough, I would tell you how much it means to have so much support and kindness exhibited by total strangers.  I would say how humbled I am to have such a strong following of devoted fans and powerful leaders that support my vision. If only a THANK YOU could […]
Stop Apologizing And Start Living

Stop Apologizing And Start Living

“She said you don’t LOOK like a Marketing Guru, and she could never imagine doing business with you!” said Alicia in a matter-of-fact tone as we waited to board our flight.  She was speaking about the VP of a Fortune 500 company that I had wanted to do business with.  As I watched my friend’s […]
Game ChangHER: The Emotional Nudist – Meet Jai Stone

Game ChangHER: The Emotional Nudist – Meet Jai Stone

Jai Stone (EMOTIONAL NUDITY LIFESTYLE) Self Acceptance Facilitator | Blogger | Speaker Emotional Nudity was birth from Jai Stone’s struggle with a life time of suppression, her message was carved from the pain of rejection. After decades of trying to fit in, Stone finally found the courage to break free from the social norms that […]

Game ChangHER: Meet Kelly Lynn Prime

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION PAGE Kelly Lynn Prime (SACRED LOVE THERAPY) Pranic Healer After 13 years as an English teacher, Kelly Lynn Prime found herself restless and unfulfilled. She felt the need to serve the greater good of mankind in a way that felt good to her soul. After finding her own spiritual alignment and experiencing life […]

No Fear No Apologies Virtual Conference 2012

NO FEAR, NO APOLOGIES VIRTUAL CONFERENCE (Celebrating Emotional Nudity Awareness Week) WHAT IS A VIRTUAL CONFERENCE? This event is not held at a physical location, in order to participate you only need a functional email address and internet & telephone access. Content will be delivered directly to you via email or you can connect to […]

Why Am I Single – A TOTALLY Honest Answer [VIDEO]

Not everyone has the courage to look at themselves and be honest about reasons why they may be single. I had to take some time to find the honest answer. #EmotionalNudity

“I Am Gabby Douglas”: Name A Woman Who Isn’t [PHOTOS]

I’m going to make this one short and sweet and let the photos tell most of the story.  All this controversy over the hair doo of Gabby Douglas this week just made me sick.  I was nauseated for a couple of reasons. The chatter over her hair eclipsed the fact that she is right now […]

Color Me Snark

I finally started working on my very first book and I’m excited about it.  Just to keep the element of surprise, I won’t tell you the title just yet, however I will share some of the content. A few years ago when I asked a dear friend if he considered me a ‘bitch’ and he […]

STRIP NAKED! Emotional Nudity Liberates The Soul

What is EMOTIONAL NUDITY? Quite simply, Emotional Nudity is a lifestyle that requires living out loud and in the open. The process of becoming an emotional nudist can be one of the most liberating experiences in life and truly the most freeing form of existence. Letting go of limiting beliefs about yourself and others leaves […]