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I Love God, But I Don’t Do Church

This article was featured in its entirety on Essence.com I was born and raised in the Bible Belt, and I have lived most of my adult life here, yet I haven’t consistently attended church in nearly 20 years.  My southern-bred family has not been very subtle about the fact that they are disappointed and embarrassed. […]

She’s Wrong For That! How To Fight Fair In Your Relationship

NOTE: This article appeared in it’s entirety on Essence.com Picture this: You and your man are having a heated argument in the car on the way to the movies. Just when you are about to make a good point, he leans over and turns up the radio volume to drown you out. You spin your […]
Drama Queen Rehab 101

Drama Queen Rehab 101

In my previous post (Drama Queens Get No Love!), I sited several cases of how being a Drama Queen doesn’t work in your favor. And as promised I will share the steps I took to make me a “recovering drama queen.” Here are the 5 steps I implemented. STEP 1 – MAKE THE DECISION: When […]
Why Is She So Fat? A Voice From Inside The Obesity Epidemic

Why Is She So Fat? A Voice From Inside The Obesity Epidemic

Note: This article appeared in it’s entirety on Essence.com Let’s just start with the obvious here: Yes, I am overweight. I’m not talking 15 or 20 vanity pounds; I am, without a doubt, obese. I have struggled with weight since I was a teenager and it is still a daily challenge for me. And, with […]

8 First Date Do’s & Dont’s For Modern Dating

Note: This article appeared on Essence.com in its entirety. Nowadays, a lot of personal interactions have gotten too technical – literally! – and because of it, dating just ain’t what it used to be. Long, late-night phone conversations have been replaced with exchanging short text messages, and you first find out that a guy is […]

8 Signs You’re Dealing With An Emotionally Bankrupt Person

Let’s face it: relationships are hard enough when you have two sane, mature people, but throw just one damaged, emotionally bankrupt person in the mix and you’ve got a recipe for “hot mess gumbo.” When a person is emotionally void, there is no place from which they can draw love, kindness, empathy and any number […]

10 Things All Women Need In Their Emotional Toolbox

NOTE:  This post appeared in its entirety on Essence.com and Huffington Post. I’m often amazed at how little value people place on emotions, particularly emotional wellness.  When your spirit catches a cold, it’s like the rest of you catches the flu. That negative energy manifests itself in everything from depression to disease. With women, there […]

Stop Making Excuses For Family Drama

NOTE: This post appeared in its entirety on Essence.com (different title) It has always amazed me how much dysfunction we allow in our lives, and we do so for the most ludicrous reasons. You ask, “Why do you stay with a guy who disrespects you?”  She answers, “Because I love him!” (In a Jamie Foxx […]

When Same Sex Love Is a Last Resort

NOTE: This post appeared on Essence.com in it’s entirety (different title) Last week, outspoken celeb Jada Pinkett Smith sparked quite an intense social media dialogue when she posted the following status on her Facebook page: In the last month, three women, in their 40s, coming out of long term relationships with men have confided in […]

Drama Queens Get No Love

NOTE: This post appeared in its entirety on Essence.com. This post is specifically for the scene-causing drama queens who show their hind parts at every opportunity. It’s for the intense instigators and tacky troublemakers that think “going in” on somebody is cute.  I’m talking directly to the antagonistic agitators that spit words of fire when […]