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Game ChangHER: Her Finanacial Freedom – Meet Jennifer Ortiz-Smash

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION PAGE Jennifer Ortiz-Smash (GSO ACCOUNTANT & BUSINESS ADVISORS) Entrepreneur/ Accountant Sometimes it takes seeing yourself through the eyes of others to understand your potential. It was one such Christopher Wallace (a.k.a Biggie Smalls) that first encouraged Jennifer Ortiz-Smash to leave her employer and start her own firm back in 1997. Sadly Biggie was […]

No Fear No Apologies Virtual Conference 2012

NO FEAR, NO APOLOGIES VIRTUAL CONFERENCE (Celebrating Emotional Nudity Awareness Week) WHAT IS A VIRTUAL CONFERENCE? This event is not held at a physical location, in order to participate you only need a functional email address and internet & telephone access. Content will be delivered directly to you via email or you can connect to […]