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Are You Brandable? The WHY Factor

Are You Brandable? The WHY Factor

Are You Brandable? The WHY Factor

Most of us think of celebs in terms of entertainers.  But the category is far more vast.  A celeb is anyone who has notoriety with the general public or a select group of people.  So the range of celebrity talent goes from famous actors, dancers and writers to hair stylists, inventors or maybe even an industry expert. What determines brandability can be summed up with two questions. WHO would be interested? WHY would they care?

My determination process may seem a bit crass, but it cuts to the chase and saves loads of time.  Once we determine the WHO, the WHY is almost as important.  Its the WHY that dictates longevity and level of success.  A fly-by-night sensation will lose its shine once the 15 minutes of fame or over, that is unless we keep giving them more WHYs.

EXAMPLE: A few years ago we were all singing the “Pants On the Ground” song courtesy of General Larry Platt.  The General appeared on the season 9 auditions of American Idol.  Platt then embarked on a whirlwind media tour that included appearances on The View and Ellen and even spawned his own You Tube Channel (click here to visit).  There were posters and t-shirts and even an attempt at a iTunes single.  Let’s face it, General Platt became an epidemic.

A year later, people could have cared less about the “Pants” (on the ground or otherwise).  So what made the excitement fizzle?  No rocket science required here on WHY the General WAS famous, but he ceased to be current or interesting.  Of course there are other factors that contribute to brandability, I made a quick list below.

Here are a 3 WHYs to increase your BRANDABILITY factor:

  1. Why would anyone listen to you?  – This could range for credibility to education to entertainment. But there needs to be a clear answer.
  2. Why would people want to hear from me repeatedly? –  You must constantly and consistently bring new value to your audience. They will tire of the same record over and over.
  3. Why Me? –  It’s important to stand out against your competitors by being authentic and noteworthy.  It’s YOU that makes your brand unique.

Remember Branding is all about ‘promise of value’.  Determine your value, and you determine your brand.

Nakedly Yours,
– Jai Stone (Master Brand Coach/ Emotional Nudist)


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