Game ChangHER VIP Coaching

(1 on 1 with Jai Stone) 

GamechangHER VIP Coaching

...What She Said

"No Fluff, Just Real Coaching"

"Jai, you have renewed my faith in coaching. You delivered EXACTLY what you said you would without the fluff or drama. Thank you for giving me permission to embrace my business with renewed confidence." - Sumiyyah R. (Apparel Designer and Manufacturer - Founder of Ann Nahari Apparel)

When it comes to finding business success I always refer to something that my great grandmother used to say, "it might be simple, but it sho' ain't easy". As I look at my life today, I could not agree more with my Granny. I find this statement particularly true when it comes to women business owners, who are faced with all the woes of owning a business compounded by household responsibilities. The challenges become even more daunting when our personal lives are riddled with non-traditional circumstances such as physical disabilities, loved ones with special needs or time starved bread winners.


My entire program is built on coaching women business owners in threee principles:

  1. Build a business based on what you WANT to do rather than what you HAVE to do.
  2. Create a profitable business model that does not compromise you personal needs.
  3. Trust your instincts.

I call this The Honest Model.

Coach With Me If…

  • You have tons of really cool ideas, but aren’t sure how to prioritize them and turn them into revenue
  • You are over all of the bullshit coaches who push their never-ending “buy the next level” platform
  • You are ready to dig deep into your mission are purpose and come out on the other side a Game ChangHER!
  • You are stressed about money
  • You are totally stuck with your brand
  • You are frustrated with the spending habits of your current clients
  • You have an itch to share you knowledge or experience in a public arena

Our coaching sessions will help you:

  • Build a lucrative business without compromising your personal life
  • Get noticed in a saturated business market
  • Customize your business model in a way that fits your life
  • Gain the confidence and courage you need to pursue your biggest dreams
  • Allow you to clearly communicate your services and message to your desired target audience
  • Identify your revenue best opportunities and uncover new ones
  • Establish yourself as an industry leader
  • Provide communication strategies for growing your online following
  • ... and much more


How it works:

When you decide to coach with me, you will get 4-6 coaching sessions that are 90 minutes each.  Each session will have work assignments for you that will be followed up by our 1-on-1 coaching. The coaching sessions are intense and designed to dig deep into your mind and spirit and draw out a custom business model that will position you for optimal success.

At the conclusion of the program, you will receive a detailed Business Summary Report that will clearly identify and our findings and outline your execution strategy.  Because of the intensity of this program, I only take a 2-3 coaching clients per month, so I contact me today to find out when you can begin.