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3 Ways To Get Your Hashtag To Go Viral

3 Ways To Get Your Hashtag To Go Viral

3 Ways To Get Your Hashtag To Go Viral

I’m personally addicted to hashtags. I use them all sorts of ways, especially for emphasis and humor on my social media status updates. But I’m not above putting them in a simple text message or throwing the word into the middle of a sentence during phone chats. But I get really serious about the hashtags attached to my brand. Over the years, I have been able to successfully leverage my hashtags as a marketing strategy and as a way to create buzz in the marketplace. And I have been known to have more than one campaign go viral. I’m going to share some of my most success

Since the dawn of the hashtag, there has always been controversy over the balance between finding a unique tag and a short tag. In an effort to stand out, many people create catchy hashtags that are cute, but they end up being too long to boot.So here are 3 steadfast rules that keep my hashtags circulating.

  1. Keep it short – I aim for 10-15 characters (that includes numbers). If you want other people to use it, they need to be able to remember it. Initials can work really well for an event or a movement when the name is too long. Don’t be afraid to add numbers (as long as they tie into the message).
  2. Use it everywhere – In addition to creating memes for my social media with the hashtag stamped all over it I also recommend you create graphics just for the hashtag. Put it on shirts, hats, umbrellas you name it. Print it on all of your collateral and mention it in all of your content. Repetition creates memorable impressions. People will need to see it 27 times before it stands out in their memory.
  3. Make People Part Of It – People share hashtags that they love and relate to. No one is going to share #FollowJohn or #JaneTheExpert. That has nothing to do with them, so they won’t share. But if you make it relatable #RoadWarriorTribe (people who travel will love it). Another example is #BachStar might work for a group of folks that love classical music. Make your hashtag more about the community than about you.

NOTE: Here are my top 4 hashtags that have gone viral:

  • #EmotionalNudity – Authentic Lifestyle Brand
  • #PeriCON16 – Business Conference (Trended #3 on Twitter)
  • #GameChangHER – General Brand Content, events, etc.
  • #supportJAI – Follow my fitness journey

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