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What Must People Think?

What Must People Think?

One morning as I stepped out of the shower onto the cold tile in my bathroom and slipped and fell. Somehow I landed with one foot out the door and the other foot between the toilet and tub. I was in a complete Dallas

Cheerleader ‘split’ position. I let out a loud scream as I went down and more moans as I tried to pull my legs together to get up. My sister was down the hall but not close enough to hear me. I refused to call for help, I was too embarrassed. And even though I was in quite a bit of pain, I couldn’t bare being seen in such a compromising position, not even by family. For the next several days, I hobbled around nursing my injuries. But whenever anyone asked what was wrong, I changed the subject, still too embarrassed to recount the incident. I finally told a my sister what happened and she made me a concoction that fixed me right up. If only I had said something earlier!

It made me wonder how many of us are in pain but too embarrassed to ask for help or let others know we are in distress.

Lesson 1: Your pain is not your burden alone, sharing it can lighten the load.
Lesson 2: When your dignity is more important than relieving your pain, you should do a self check.

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