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Why Your Winning Formula Is Loosing Big

Why Your Winning Formula Is Loosing Big

Why Your Winning Formula Is Loosing Big

If you clicked the button to read this post it’s probably because you are trying to find out why you are not getting better results in your business. Perhaps you recently took a course or hired a coach but you’re not getting the results that you had hoped. There might be one simple solution, you’re not following the formula (to the letter). Yep, you are cherry picking the components that you like and leaving the rest to chance. Ok, let me slow down and go back a few years (this won’t take long, I promise).

I’ve been coaching clients for over 15 years now, so it’s safe to say that I am a veteran brand strategist. I’m also experienced in winning (at the highest level) and loosing (at the lowest level). But the truth is that I take more pleasure in coming back from a loss than from winning outright, go figure. I find that loosing builds character and confidence and reinforces perseverance. But what I cherish most is the lessons. Ahhh, yes… the scars I have from “lessons learned”.

I used to get really angry and frustrated with those lessons and and ask “why me?!” metaphorically shaking my fist towards the sky. I truly felt like I had been banged up and bruised more than most and as much as I tried to be a good person, I was being punished for it. The resounding question going through my head was “why do I suffer so much”.  Then something came to me when I was half asleep. I clearly heard a voice tell me “your pain and struggle isn’t for you, it’s for the people you need to help”. BOOM!! That moment changed my life and I started to look at how I could help!

I started to look at my biggest failures and lessons and a formula seemed to emerge out of thin air. Then I started to dissect my all failures and f*ckups and I found more formulas. But I wasn’t sure if these formulas would work for others the way they had worked for me. So I gave these formulas to my clients, and low and behold, they had the same results. Now I was sure that I that these weren’t just formulas, but WINNING FORMULAS. Exciting sh*t right?

But I also noticed something else. Some clients didn’t get as good a result as others, and I needed to understand why. I started pressing them with questions during follow up coaching and found that these clients weren’t getting results because they had not followed the winning formula to the letter. For example: I would recommend an email system to them and they would go read a bunch of reviews online and sign up for a different system. Then they couldn’t even learn the system they had chosen.

These clients didn’t understand that I had recommended a particular system because I had tried the others and based on the client and the desired outcome I knew which one would work best. I also found myself spending time detailing strategy only to have the client “tweak” it to what they wanted. As a result, they didn’t get the results. Here’s a naked truth for you…

You can’t take a winning formula and only implement the parts of it that you like. You have to take the ENTIRE formula and execute it as it was designed.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are times when you will need to tweak a process that doesn’t work. But you have to implement the full formula first so you can properly identify any breakdown. I call it the T&L Process (Test & Learn Process). But you can’t start changing it out of the gate because it doesn’t make sense to you. There is a method to the madness, even if you don’t understand it. When you hire a qualified expert with proven results, you have to trust the process and the formula. Otherwise, why bother at all?


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